It’s been a while since I’ve had a real opportunity to blog, and since the 2006 season is in the books there’s less to say on a daily basis.  Sure there’s news every day – in just the last week we have major award winners and major free-agent signings, there’s been a big trade in Yankeeland (Sheffield), Manny is back in play…

Well the real issue is having enough time to come up with a topic, think it through, do the required research, then bang out the entry.  It takes more time than you might think, and with 2 young kids (including a baby) and a more-than-full-time job (here at MLB Advanced Media) I have less time available then I might like.  Which leads to significantly reduced blogging.

I do plan to check in from time-to-time during the offseason as time allows, particularly if there’s a news item of interest.  Unfortunately for any readers out there I can’t commit to a specific schedule, so you’ll just have to check back periodically.  One thing I AM planning to blog about is the Winter Meetings, which this year are in Orlando from December 4-7.  I’ll be there representing MLBAM and specifically, and plan to share my thoughts on the meetings here sometime mid-December.

So enjoy your offseason and check back now and then if you’re still interested.  And hopefully come the Spring I’ll be able to make the time to post regularly again.  Thanks for reading!

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