How am I doin?

Checking in on my LCS picks:

American League – Detroit in 6
This one is looking pretty good.  In fact Detroit may sweep this one as they’re up 2-0 and playing much better baseball.  It’s starting to look like the fomula is wildcard team + feisty manager + young power arms + power hitters = postseason success.  They are very similar to last year’s White Sox in those ways.  Also the weather at this point won’t help the West Coast A’s (sleet?  at a baseball game?).

National League – Mets in 5
With the rainout leading to 5 straight games with no off day, I’m tempted to say this one isn’t looking that good.  Of course Glavine gave a great effort yesterday, so the Mets are up 1-0 and haven’t had to deplete the bullpen yet.  This pick looks pretty good at this point as well.

World Series – too close to call
Still too close.  Even if you assume Tigers-Mets, it’s hard to pick at this point.  There will be issues with the weather, pitching, how the teams get through the LCS’s, etc.  Right now, though, Detroit looks like the team of destiny.


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